Meet Lisa Huff, the creator of Stylist Soul Tribe

Since 2011, Lisa has built a thriving business behind the chair with passion, focus, and guidance from amazing mentors. To perpetuate the sisterhood and connection they showed her inside the industry, she created Stylist Soul Tribe in 2018. SST pays forward the priceless gifts her mentors gave her; continuing the ripple effect of deep, meaningful relationships, genuine business guidance, and unwavering belief in each others' success. Lisa's truest joy is found in joining together stylists like you with others to see, celebrate, and support your vision.

Are you a stylist feeling overwhelmed by....

  • Lack of time and money?
  • Self doubt?
  • Working a schedule you hate?
  • Dealing with not ideal clients?

Being a part of Stylist Soul Tribe gives you...

- Connections and friendships in the industry.

- A sounding board to turn to.

- A new found confidence.

- Accountability to crush your goals.

- Help with setting boundaries to protect your energy.

- A commitment to continue to level up and build a life of your dreams.

Meet Julie


"Since joining Soul Tribe, I have launched my Photography Course for Hairstylists, My Photography Coaching Program for Hairstylists & I have officially made the big jump from a commission salon to a booth rent salon.  All of these accomplishments wouldn’t have occurred without the help and support of Lisa and my Soul Tribe group.  Being able to talk things through with like-minded individuals is crucial for not only business growth but personal growth as well."

Meet Aimee


"Joining Stylist Soul Tribe has been one of the best business decisions I have ever made. It is so valuable being paired with like minded stylists to bounce ideas off of & go to for advice. There is so much knowledge behind theses groups, it is amazing. They are a great way to hold you accountable for tasks to push you forward in your journey."

Hey Hairstylist!

I know you strive to be a top level stylist in this industry. In order to do that you need accountability and a corner full of peers lifting you up, cheering you on and pointing out your blindspots. Most stylists face self doubt and overwhelm, leaving them feeling like a hamster stuck in a wheel that just can't seem to get ahead. Watching other stylists on social media seemingly crushing goal after goal wondering where they get this energy, momentum, focus and organization.

I believe that ANY stylist (YES YOU!) can achieve their dream business. That you can have a book full of dream clients with a constant flow of new appointment requests, working your dream schedule (YES, WEEKENDS OFF), making more money than you need to live a beautiful, meaningful, wealthy lifestyle (YES MULTIPLE FAMILY VACATIONS) with time and inspiration to STILL WANT MORE. 

I understand that it's easy to get stuck in your ways, to fall stale and lose inspiration. Thats why at Stylist Soul Tribe we continue to up-level, month after month after month. We stay inspired and look at our business and life regularly to make sure it's EXACTLY what we want. 

Here's how Soul Tribe works. You fill out an application & I learn about your goals, dreams, passions and struggles. Then I take the answers from your application and match you with like minded stylists that I feel will be a perfect fit to help motivate, relate and inspire each other month after month. From there it's all about accountability and goal setting baby! The sky is the limit for you, your life, your business, your passion projects and your impact on this industry and world.

So, apply now so you can stop resenting your business and start building the life of your dreams. 


Tell me all about you and your business so I can match you up with your perfect Soul Tribe.


Monthly Zoom calls with your tribe, private Facebook groups, Marco Polo chat to ask in the moment questions/get support from your tribe - ANY TIME!


Stay inspired and confident knowing you always have your mastermind to lean on.

Stylist Soul Tribe includes...

-Monthly Zoom calls with your tribe

-Quarterly bonus calls with all SST members

-Exclusive access into the Stylist Soul Tribe Mega Facebook Group as well as a private Facebook Group for just your mastermind.

-Marco Polo chat group for constant support and communication.

-Library of Masterclasses from SST members. 

-Access to all of Lisa's E-Books including The Hairstylists Systems for Success & Crafting Captivating Captions

-An invite to exclusive Stylist Soul Tribe Retreats